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How To Earn $15 To $50 An Hour & More With A Pickup Truck Or Van

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"How To Earn $15 To $50

An Hour & More With A

Pickup Truck Or Van"

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All you need is a pickup truck or van, a few basic tools, a telephone, and this book.

Don't think you will get rich overnight,

though you might,
but with this book

Don't be at the mercy of:
economic slumps
job shortages
skill deficiencies
 This work-oriented how-to book leads you through each step necessary
to setting up your own business.

Are you underemployed? Are Bills Piling Up?

Expect to start making profits the first week if not sooner!!!

All the information you need to turn your vehicle into a "MONEY MACHINE"...


A Complete Plan to Start Immediately:

Equipment you will need
How to quote a job and take calls
How to hire and pay helpers'
How to keep records
Rate Chart
Practical Tips
How to get business by advertising
Hauling and moving tips
How to recycle for extra profits
How to start spin-off businesses
Sample Classified ads

DISCOVER THE SECRET of tapping sources of free merchandise and genuine treasure. And "get paid a minimum of $15 an hour" to take away items for the home, office or business. Such things as construction materials, tools, auto parts, hardware, plumbing and electrical supplies, furniture, sporting goods, toys, clothing, small and large appliances, carpets, and objects of art, all still usable, some brand new.


REALIZE THE FREEDOM of setting your own hours, your own wage.


ENJOY THE FEELING of earning a weeks salary at minimum wage rates in a day or even in a morning.


STOP WORRYING how you are going to pay the bills. You will find in this small volume all the information you need to create income very quickly.


LEARN THE TRICK of launching lucrative side-line businesses like recycling which can increase your hourly profit to $50 and more!!


FEEL THE SATISFACTION of making your pickup truck or van payments with PROFITS FROM YOUR PICKUP OR VAN using the ideas in this book.


EXPERIENCE THE EXCITEMENT of finding a real treasure in a pile of "junk". The author was given this 19th century oil painting, appraised for $400 in 1980 and he was paid to take it away!!! 

What do you think it's worth today, 30 years later!! I still have the painting.


Includes AD SAMPLES, so you do not have to create your own.

Simply place my ad in the paper or on Craigslist, use my

Basic Rate Schedule
You are Ready to make money.

Be Your Own Boss

...Lilly, a successful entrepreneur, tells how to transform ownership of a van or pickup into a
profitable career. An extremely useful how to manual.

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Bonus Book #3 "Make $100 A Day Placing Free Ads" By Bill Long

Craigslist is the world's largest free classified advertising site on the Internet today. Serving on-line classifieds and forums for 450 cities worldwide - community moderated, and largely free.

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How To Earn $15 To $50 An Hour & More With A Pickup Truck Or Van
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 | & More

Chapter 2 - Equipment | Basic Tools | Special Tools | Illustration: Pickup Rack | Illustration: Knots & Ropes

Chapter 3 - Legal Matters | Permits | Dumping Fees | Licenses | Insurance

Chapter 4 - Advertising | Ad Placement | Ad Samples | Additional Promotion

Chapter 5 - How to Quote a Job | Taking Calls | Sample Phone Quotation | Basic Rate Schedule | Renting Equipment

Chapter 6 - Moving & Hauling | Basic Preparation | Loading Instructions | Getting Paid | General Tips | Piano Moving

Chapter 7 - Hiring Help | Sources for Help | Helpers' Wages

Chapter 8 - Recycling | How to Classify Junk | Things You Can Use | Things You Can Sell Immediately | Special Markets | Special Items | Things You Can Repair & Sell | Things You Can Trade | Things You Can Donate | Things You Can Sell as Scrap

Chapter 9 - Record Keeping | Suggested Bookkeeping System

Chapter 10 - Related Jobs | Handyman | Grounds Work | Tree Service | Snow Removal | Roto-tilling Service | High-Pressure Cleaning Service | Scavenging | Delivery Service | Sharpening Service | Pest Control Service | Pilot Vehicle

Chapter 11 - Selling On-line | A Free Virtual Storefront | Benefits of On-line Selling | Is There a Downside | Take a Tour | How to Register on E-Bay | Buy Something on E-Bay | Create Sellers Account | Seller Fees | Create a PayPal Account | How EBay Works | Sample Sale | After the Winning Bid | Shipping & Handling | Create an About Me Page | Taxes Additional Resources



Just $40.00

Only 2 $20 bills to start earning money next week.


Hello, I'm Don Lilly


That's me when I was promoting the first edition of "How To Earn $15 To $50 An Hour & More With A Pickup Truck Or Van" in Entrepreneur Magazine. I'd been using the hauling business as a backup income after my father suggested it as a way to make money. 

I started with a 1970 Ford F100 I paid $700 for. The body was eaten from salt on the roads to the mines in my area. But it had only 30,000 miles so I patched it up and put it to work. I have never failed to make money with my trucks or vans no matter where I found myself. If you are sincere about needing an honest buck, this book will show you how.  

Try my book for 60 days minimum. If you don't make money after following my instructions and Rate Schedule, then feel free to ask for a refund. But I am almost certain you will regret it later. If you own a pickup truck and you need cash, need money to pay for the pickup, my book works. That's all there is to it.

Thank You for Your Order

Don Lilly

Don Lilly

P.S. Let me know about your success stories so I can share them.

Unconditional 60 Day Guarantee
If you don't make money after following my instructions and Rate Schedule, then feel free to ask for a refund.

You Get 5 Free Bonus Books and the latest and the completely modernized version of
"How To Earn $15 To $50 An Hour & More With A Pickup Truck Or Van"
for one low payment of Just $40.00

Please Note:

Don Lilly's E-book as well as the 5 bonus E-books come in pdf format which you will download immediately after paying. If you do not have a pdf viewer we will provide one free with the E-books. It should take approximately 5 minutes to download all E-books.



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